Friday, August 13, 2010


The time has come to move on. We’ve stepped into the future by capitalizing on our past. Using our forty-foot storage unit of vintage collectables and antiques we’ve decorated a space at a local antique mall. It’s a little space, eight feet deep by twelve feet wide with the ceiling hovering around ten feet. Madison has three multi-dealer antique malls stretching from the far eastside to the tonier far west. We’re starting on the less fashionable eastside where the competition is miles of salt and pepper shakers and vintage Avon. It’s not hard to put on a good show and the rental price is right for us right now. Business wise we’re moving away from what has gone wrong into what we hope is a path lined with pleasantries. That’s what we’ve called our little corner of the market here in Madison, Pleasantries. It’s part of a three-pronged approach to gaining our stability. So far the gambit has been productive. We’ve virtually depleted our Roseville collection and sold a large needlepoint rug. It points to the diversity of the market from New York to Madison. In our shop in the Catskills we couldn’t unload a rug no matter how beautiful, inexpensive or unique. Now we’re going to have to work on pricing. It’ll take us a while to figure out what the Madison market can handle. It may feel as if the world is currently at an economic standstill but if each us takes one small step at fearlessly moving forward the wheels of the world might just start to turn again. It may take Madison a while to find us and then figure out if they like what they see. Until then we’ll focus on delivering as many pleasantries as we can, hoping good vibes will be returned by a bounty of customers.

You can't always know when the time is right but there come a point when you have to hold your nose and jump.