Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The New York Times recently ran an article on starting over when you’ve reached a point in your life where the lines on your face and the gray streaks in your hair make you unqualified for the current job market.  Men fair better than women but young seems to over trump wisdom on most job search applications. They detailed various scenarios of people who beat the system and dispensed some tips for success but the prognosticators were not high on the chances for those of us with a little grey on the roof. The big take-away for me was time to stop scouring the want ads and looking for help wanted signs posted in the local retail store windows. I was just wasting my time placing myself in a job market filled with newbies twenty and thirty years my junior willing and eager to slide into jobs they saw as temporary stepping stones to the rest of their lives and employers willing to hire them knowing they could get them for low wages without having to provide any benefits and then dispose of them or promote them when the time came knowing the list of applicants wasn’t going to dry up in the current economy.
Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur was going to have to be my mantra, In the New York Times article the success stories all seemed to have the same scenario: hire yourself and do what you know best. Put out your shingle and market the heck out of a life of experience no newbie can match. So the shingles now out and we’re open for business. Think of this blog entry as a sort of chain letter. Please pass our website onto anyone you know who needs any kind of design help. We can work via the internet, or in person and we have current passports allowing us to travel anywhere a plane, train or pack mule can take us.
I’m considering anyone out there to be my agent or a potential client. You’re all a link to the rest of the world. Consider this is my application. 

To turn our blog in a new direction from how to start over to how to find the time to get it all done.

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