Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday I opened my email to a long list of bookstore coupons, weight loss offers and special deals from a maze of interior design vendors. I’d been away from my computer for most of the day so the number of new entries had built to fifty-seven. I plopped onto the sofa, laptop in hand and began highlighting the "spamie" ones readying them for a quick click and delete when I noticed in the “from” column a name I recognized. I love seeing real correspondences. Although there are other entries I feel obligated to look at: the informational pieces sent out by bloggers I’m interested in or notifications of events back in New York I can pretend I will be attending, the most cherished entries are those pieces from people I know, friends. I save these pieces and assign them a hierarchy in my reading list. It’s what I’ve done since childhood with things I’m fond of. When I eat a meal if there are things on my plate I particularly like or don’t like I’ll eat the least desirable ones first and save my favorites until last so I can enjoy the anticipation of savoring their flavors on my palette. I want those tastes to be the ones lingering after the meal has ended.  The email I spotted from Marcia was going to be my dessert. I saved it until last, over a coupon from West Elm, an invoice I had to look at, and the most recent missives from Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy. I wanted to taste each word and enjoy a message meant solely for me. Even when it’s a few crumbs of idle gossip each scoop of a personal conversation is as delicious as a bite of a Krispy Kreme. Little did I know Marcia was serving up a deep chocolate soufflĂ©.

“Lee: I would like you to check out this article on Design Milk, they are one of the biggies in the design blog community. They asked me to name my five current inspirations and you are one of them.
Enough said.”
Here’s the link:

Enough said, Marcia, enough said.

Never doubt the true nature of a friend

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