Monday, September 14, 2009


The op ed in this Sunday's paper announced how Madison was losing its edge and its right to its title of "Mad City". Here is a city that sees its apathy in trying to drum up support for topless sunbathing as a blight on its status. You heard me right. Toto we're not in Kansas. We're in "Mad" Madison, Wisconsin, home of the cheeseheads, birthplace of Kentucky Fried Theater and The Onion, and supporters of everything left of center, and to top it off the city council voted overwhelmingly to name the plastic pink flamingo the official city bird. I love this place. Now to figure out how to make it love me back. We'll have to see how this one shakes out.
That last part sounded way to like Sally Field.

If you are going to start over at a new location make sure it matches your needs. This goes for job opportunities, amenities, and culture shock as well. Look at what you want to get away from and make sure you  aren't running into the same things you hated about the place you're leaving. On the other hand make sure that the things you liked about the place you're leaving aren't going to be too missed in the place you're moving to.

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