Friday, September 11, 2009


Today came the realization that we are indeed really homeless. I never gave our situation a true moniker but the truth is we are homeless. Our home of almost twenty-four years in the country was lost to foreclosure and went up for auction at the end of July. At the end of August we were evicted from our apartment and after more than a decade at our office in Chelsea we had to terminate our lease and walk away. We didn't even have a car we could live in. I think this qualifies as the definition of true homelessness. We are completely at the mercy of the kindness of friends and relatives. Home for the time being will be my mother's basement. It's a difficult thing to wrap my head around but there is a strange clarity that comes from being so completely without. There is no longer any doubt about our circumstances, so come what may we'll start at the bottom and try to climb back up the ladder of life, one rung at a time.

No matter how dark your situation may seem, never give up on your dreams. When dreams disappear the evaporation of hope is not far behind.

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