Friday, September 11, 2009


Dreams seem to be holding sway over this transtion from prosperity to poverty and hopefully back the other way. In prosperity dreams mostly came and went before I could get a real handle on what they were or where they were tying to take me. Like wisps of smoke they came and evaporated before I had a chance to remember their form. Now in poverty they come like beautiful paintings in a museum that I can go and revisit and look at with new insights as I examine their nuances. Last night's dream was one of those instances of clarity.
It was Bloomingdales men's department. I had picked out a pale blue shirt and was now trying to select a tie. The bright lights beat down on the glass topped display counter where I had laid down the shirt. I had picked out about a half dozen ties in various patterns and combinations of blues and browns. Everything centered on texture and geometry. I have never been a big fan of literal inspired pattern. Then this salesman pranced up to the counter flitting around, his bald head gleaming from the same bright lights that had lit the display case. His head cast a shadow on the shirt and ties I had picked out. He was carrying this perfect ochre and cream stripped shirt cradled in one arm like a newborn and in his other hand he held a nubby silk tie, golden with soft strands of silk sprouting out like peach fuzz. My head snapped back in joy dripping with desire. I so wanted this shirt and tie. The salesman angelically curtsied laying the shirt on the counter and then with a sweep of his other hand and a gleam chasing across his face he laid the tie on the shirt and slowly pulled back. The overhead lights revealed the combination of shirt and tie making them sparkle sending glints of light in all directions. Then the price tag attached to the tie slipped from its hiding spot and I woke up.

Learn from the mistakes that got you were you are. If spending was your downfall...STOP! Think about what you need right now and what you need is a bank account with money in it.

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