Sunday, September 27, 2009


Emmy pleaded with Rick until he had to relent. She pulled and tugged and got him to walk the eight steps up to the ticket taker and onto the Viking Swing. It's her favorite carnival ride, shaped like a big Nordic boat that propels itself to and fro like a giant glider. The farther to the back you sit the more of an arc you follow and the more it tickles your stomach. With Emmy's encouragement, the two of them went all the way to the back. Emmy beamed, her Daddy by her side. As the pendulum began its graceful journey from side to side the two of them donned smiles of delight. As the arc increased they both raised their arms and their joy made them weightless from the simple act of being together. This image is my gift and the image of their smiling faces, arms akimbo in the air, is the image I'll get to go to sleep with tonight.

Every so often you have to exit through the door marked pain and leave it all behind you. Even if it is only for a few seconds and your only option is to close your eyes and see what your imagination has to show you.

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